‘Out of Place’ (OOP) is a satellite exhibition curated by Kate Egan for the Textiles and Place conference hosted by Manchester School of Art, MMU and linked to the British Textile Biennial October  2021.
“..As an artist, educator and curator I am a great believer in mixing things up to find new ways of doing things. If we look beyond textiles to search for different ways of thinking about making and doing we expand the field and together we find something new…”
OOP is a global research initiative highlighting the ‘place’ of textiles in the expanded field at MMU and China Academy of Art. The selected works offer insights into key developments for reclaiming the old to shape the new. The exhibition will open discussions around the place of digital technologies, craft & collaborative practice and the significance of making & tradition for ‘Future Textiles’. The research relationship with the China Academy of Arts is developed further through the keynote lecture by Prof Assadour Markarov and Hu RenRen the Director of the Hanshan Art Museum, Suzhou, China, followed by a discussion about the exhibition during the conference.

Exhibiting artists and designers: 
Mark Beecroft, Clare Calveley, Kate Egan, Christina Hesford,
Shu Hui, Hannah Jones, Andrew King, Assadour Markarov, Mark McLeish, Ruan Yuelai.
Kate Egan – Curator 2021
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